Book Review – When He Was Wicked

When He Was Wicked (Bridgertons, #6)When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m sorry guys, but I didn’t have much of a reaction to this book. It was well-written, I couldn’t blame the characters for their emotional turmoil and there were the occasional fun moments, but it just didn’t click.
I can’t find any major problems with the book; it’s just MEH.

The essence of the book is:

Michael – God, I love her. But she’s married.
Francesca – *Blinks innocently* Hmm?
John – Tra la la, I’m dying obliviously.
Michael – Damn, she’s pretty. But still married.

*John dies*

Michael – John no- I mean Fran – I mean John – oh hell, I’m going to India.
John – Tra la la, I’m dead obliviously.
Michael – *murmurs to himself while hanging onto ship’s mast* She’s no longer married…but still…

*Michael returns tanned and malariafied(?)*

Michael – Darn it, I still love her. *lightbulb pings* John would have wanted this! Wait, I can marry her! Marry me, Fran!
Francesca – *Blinks in surprise* Huh?
Michael – When you’re ready come and get it…
Francesca – But John…*looks around helplessly*
Michael – In this Kilmartin king bed…
Francesca – I know you’re good, but…*hesitates while flinging dress*
Michael – I give up! I LOVE YOU ALREADY!
Francesca – *EPHIPHANY* John would have wanted this! I LOVE YOU!
John – Tra la la, I knew it all along.

*Michael succumbs to malarial fever*

Michael – *croaks* Keep it down!
Francesca – Hey, you’re hot!
Michael – *rolls eyes* Yes, I know, but now’s not the time.
Francesca – No I mean it’s not malaria,
Michael – *throws off bedcovers* Well, why didn’t you say so earlier?


So you can see why I’m less than electrified.


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