Book Review – Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
The best word for this book is riveting. This book will melt your brain, keep you glued to your seat and probably turn you into a wild animal in your attempt to reach the last page.ย 

I have no complaints about this book (probably because I’m too lazy and biased to make any), save that of Dorian’s complete inability to stand up for anything worthwhile. The guy is waaaaaaaaaay too scared of dying.

 photo mulan12.gif

I knew I was on Team Chaol for a reason.

Speaking of which, Chaol reminds of one those male tropes from anime – the one that goes I-want-her-but-can’t-have-her-for-her-own-good when he doesn’t even know what is good for the heroine. This type also demonstrates a sense of responsibility and honour on an epidemic scale (usually to their own detriment) and is prone to causing or being the subject of misunderstandings, due to their tight-lipped nature. In short, I love ’em.

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But it can get annoying, as Chaol so capably shows us in this book, when his decision to keep a secret from Celaena creates a rift between one of the nicest couples I’ve read about in a while. Why Chaol, why?

Anyway, I knew things were a little too happy for Celaena, since protagonists like her inevitably suffer everything there is to suffer before becoming explosively awesome. I should have known the moment she went shopping and danced at a ball. At the risk of sounding spoiler-y, something sad/bad/omg-inducing happens. It makes Celaena get up, kick some butt and finally act like the awesome female I knew she was all along.

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The plot is best described as amazing. Thankfully, in this book, the mystery takes precedence over the emotional drama. Suspenseful, thrilling and fast-paced, words I never thought I’d use to describe a YA novel. One of the most chill-inducing scenes (and hence my favourite) is the one where Celaena explores a series of spiral doors. I thought I would die of anticipation and internal screaming each time she opened a door. When she finally finds something, it turns out to be…


I know I haven’t described the plot properly or written a useful review, but I can’t do so without drowning in my own fan-girling. Sorry. It happens to fulfil all my literary requisites, especially those of strong female leads carrying out major acts of violence and war while having normal emotions and beautiful female friendship.


P.S. The book will also torture you with a cliff hanger the size of Marina Trench and a sequel release date set for the next century. (Not really. But it feels like it. The cliff hanger thing is true though.)


3 thoughts on “Book Review – Crown of Midnight

  1. Haha, I was just laughing halfway through your review! I think I’m Team Chaol as well (it always depends on in which kind of mood I’m in right now ๐Ÿ˜€ ) but I haven’t had the chance yet to read the book. Anyways I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Great review!


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