Book Review – Slave to Sensation

Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling, #1)Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

No major flaws, but it wasn’t all that exciting either. Extraordinary world building though and credits for conflict based on something other than denial. Plus there’s a mystery.
Downside is that it’s easily predicted and there seem to be some logical blanks on the side of the heroine. The hero didn’t exactly set my blood on fire either. But he’s cute. 
So, 3 stars.

That said, here comes my fun review.

This week’s horoscopes:

Pisces (Sascha) – As the Aquarius Full Moon approaches, your ever present psychic and intuitive nature will be drawn to the surface. I recommend yoga for the this turbulent period where your emotions and logic (read: whatever was drummed into you in childhood) clash violently. But every cloud has a silver lining, so expect some romance in the air as Venus conjuncts Mars in your fifth house. Remember, opposites attract, so don’t be worried if you feel the urge to strangle your beloved in his sleep for bullheadedness. Instead gently go against whatever he says. Family might also be thrown into upheaval, like a baseball. In the eleventh house of friendship, nothing is as it seems, so just run like the wind when somebody looks at you sideways.

Leo (Lucas) – Leos have always been known for their fiery temper, possessiveness and tendency to purr. This is especially so now that Jupiter has moved into the eighth house, bringing out all your worst traits that draw women like moths to a candle. Personal space means nothing to you this month and luckily, the cops are inclined to stay out of range of your very real claws. In finances, your cat-like cunning and finesse make you great financial gain but expect some minor difficulties in the form of dead bodies and territory disputes. As Mercury is in retrograde, the unusual becomes the norm, such as naturally solitary leopards living together in packs. Finally, you may have an out-of-body experience that you can attribute to your wilder side.

Virgo (The serial killer, whoever he is) – This time is proving to be less than favourable for you. Your love life experiences turbulence as you find that no body or bodies are able to satisfy your “emotional” needs. While you may experience an initial string of successes, it will be prove to be an illusory success. Maintaining anonymity is essential; however Mars in your first house makes you reckless and you are likely to give yourself away as all non genre savvy villains do. If a black cat crosses your path (and it will), this time don’t listen to your rational side which says the animal is going somewhere. It really is bad luck.

Sagittarius (The plot) – This is a good time for you as Uranus is ascendent in your sign, sparking creativity and intellectual debate. You may find yourself pondering governmental structure, the nature of emotion and relativism among other things. It may slow going at first, but keep at it and your work will yield you rewards in the form of happily ever afters. Some minor bumps in the road as your tendency to needlessly stretch out minor conflicts annoys those around you, but the biggest battle, you will find, is worth it. Don’t forget to let your imagination fly; there are new worlds to be explored in the depths of your mind.

The End.

*NOTE – This is purely for fun. I made up the entire thing; these are not true in terms of facts, astrology or literature.*


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