Hear ye, hear ye! This humble blogger has a grand announcement to make!

Love capes and tights? So do we!

Love capes and tights? So do we!

A group of fun people on GoodReads, including yours truly, got together and realised that it would be even more fun to share reactions with everyone. And thus the Shallow Comic Readers blog was born!

This is what we’re about:

Leave your highfalutin comics and prose at the door.  If it can be used as a doorstop, we ain’t talking ’bout it here.

We started out as the Shallow Comics Readers club on GoodReads – a bunch of peurile comics junkies who believe in:

Capes and tights over realism and believability

Hilarious escapism over maudlin emo introspection

Ripping into bad books over fawning over “must reads”

Sure Maus, Watchmen and The Sandman have big ideas. We don’t care. Comics cannot have high concepts, extensive expositional dialogue, and characters who just talk. We prefer heroes who use their fists (or power beams) to do the talking for them.

So from now on, I’ll be posting all and any reviews of comic book and graphic novels on yonder blog. A link to the blog will be put up on the Book Reviews page under Comics and Graphic Novels. Later, I’ll create a separate page for comics and graphic novels that links directly to the blog.

What are you waiting for? Come on in and laugh your head off at our shallow reviews, discussions and more!


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