Spring cleaning in winter!

Painting Disaster

Another announcement, folks. 

Recently some great friends of mine gave me an easy way to post reviews on the blog. Since I usually write my reviews on GoodReads first, and then post it here, I can now just copy-paste the HTML from the GR review feature. The whole review pops up, along with the book details and rating. This is good news for me and you, since I get to cut on down the work I have to do and you get to see my star rating for the book. Even better, clicking on the name of the book takes you to its GR page, clicking on the author’s name takes you to their GR page and the rating links to my review. It’s a win-win situation!

Therefore, every review posted from now on will have a slightly different format from the previous ones. I’m also going to be updating the older reviews to match, so bear with me if things look a bit odd.

Quick reminder, comic books and graphic novels will have their reviews posted on the new Shallow Readers Blog. I’m making a new page here so that you can find the reviews easily. I’ll update you on new posts 😀

Look forward to it!


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