Shallow Reader Post – Tortured Life

I got sucked in by the cover, and then just plain suckered.

After a jaunt in certain sunny countries and neglecting this blog, I have a short post on a horror(?) comic from Netgalley. Meet Tortured Life, everyone. It wasn’t that great, as you’ll see from an excerpt:

The protagonist, whom I fondly call Gene (short for Generic Hero) because I can’t remember his unremarkable name, is an ordinary man with a not so ordinary ability. Our buddy Gene can see how people are going to die, but not in trippy visions or Morse code messages. He unfortunately has to see everything like Schrodinger’s cat : alive and dead at the same time.

If you are at all intrigued, by either my dead reaction or the premise, check out the review here. Otherwise, I promise more reviews are on their way and possibly even a travelogue. See you later!


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