Shallow Reader Post – Batman: The Court of Owls

And the prize for most misleading cover goes to….

Hello and an early Happy Halloween to everyone! I’m back at the college and the friendly local library has been a treasure trove of comics. Here’s my entry for the October buddyread with my Shallow Reader friends. The theme is Good Enough to Eat (which is to be interpreted in any way you like) and most of this one is about owls discovering that bats are really hard to eat:

In keeping with our buddyread theme, I’d say this one is like pancakes…the first two are really great, but by the fifth one you’re just wondering what you saw in it…

You know, for a long time, I never understood why Bats was called the greatest detective, because I’ve never actually seen him…detecting.
Never fear, Snyder is here to fix that problem! 

If you were secretly hankering for a CSI crossover with psychedelic elements, you’re in luck. If you weren’t, well…there’s a few badass action scenes in the beginning?

Check out the review here and get hit by all a lot of irrelevant gifs!


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