Shallow Reader Post – Scarlet Witch


Something about the proportion of her legs is off.. 

Good day to you, fair reader! I just want to apologise for last week’s post – it was a day late, it didn’t have tags or an email excerpt, and had nothing to do with anything…I’ve just been really busy. So.

This time round is a terrible collection of stories about the Scarlet Witch, the hex-using, probability-altering Avenger. Here’s a bit of my review:

This book is so bad, it’s hilarious.
I understand the material is old (it’s stuff from the 70’s), it was a different time back then and comics are still not that kind towards women.
I recommend this only if you:

(a) Want to have every feminist bone in your body broken horribly
(b) Want to read a series of useless stories that defy common sense
(c) Want to see Wanda in a swimsuit

I promise that my ranting is quite entertaining for the bystander, so click here to read it.

Get this review and more at:


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