Shallow Reader Post – Grayson Vol 2


We all know Batman has sidekicks because that level of coolness cannot be handled by just one person, and the best one is, hands down, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing aka Agent 37. I’m a big fan of this character (especially in Injustice) so imagine how let down I was when I read this volume of his solo series and it turned out to be utter nonsense. See an excerpt of my rant:

Story 2: The Brains of the Operation

This one starts with a zombie orca on wooden legs trying to eat Grayson and Helena. I’d like to know what the storyboarding process was here. Did the writers sit down and go:

“We need to start this one with a bang. Any suggestions?
“Let’s see, what would a pair of spies encounter on a reconnaissance mission of a high-tech criminal hideout?”
“I know! A killer whale that crawls around on land with spider legs!”
“Brilliant, now we can have that coffee break!”

Read the rest of the review here. Come on, you know you want to.

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