Fun Post – Roast Yourself Challenge!

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I’m not doing a review today, as I thought the end of term and my going back home deserved a different sort of post. Join me as I attempt the roast yourself challenge, inspired by YouTube. For those who don’t know, YouTuber Ryan Higa started a video challenge in which you have to criticize yourself aka roast your complacent soul till it’s well-done. The original video is here if you want to see what it looks like. Among other people, YouTube sensations Superwoman, D-Trix, Jenna Marbles and Pewdiepie have accepted the challenge so far.

Given that I can’t rap and this is a blog, we shall make do with a written roast.

Let’s do this!

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  1. I’m so lazy, I used the roast yourself challenge as an excuse to avoid reviewing a book.
  2. I say I blog as a hobby, but in reality it started as a way to gain access to advance reading copies.
  3. My blog routinely bashes authors, though I never bother to do any creative writing myself.
  4. I often call books plotless, but shy away from writing short stories because I’m no good at making up a story line.
  5. The last two points are almost the same thing.
  6. I shamelessly advertise my blog to all my real life friends by casually mentioning it in conversation so they’re forced to ask me about it.
  7. I pretend to be unflappable but I need someone in the room when I play even slightly suspenseful video games (really, I got freaked out by a dungeon in Skyrim!)
  8. I like mentioning video games in conversations because it’s cool, but I haven’t finished even half the games I own.
  9. I don’t like getting hugs from people, but expect them to be okay with it when I’m giving them one.
  10. I want a slimmer waistline but am not willing to change my diet to get it.
  11. In real life, my sarcasm is reserved for the people I know best and not for the people who deserve it.
  12. In real life, I clam up and keep my opinions to myself; on the internet I have next to no control.
  13. I spend my dad’s money freely, but if the same thing was my own salary, I wouldn’t spend a penny of it #paranoia.
  14. I hate small children but want to get married early and have kids. How does that work?
  15. As much as I want a significant other, I won’t do the socializing to make that happen.
  16. I’m so unsociable, I use the fact that I don’t drink to avoid going out with people.
  17. I believe in brutal honesty until it’s inconvenient for me.
  18. I act stoic most of the time, but at the slightest hint of stress, I break down and cry.
  19. I only recently became comfortable making sexual references and jokes.
  20. My posts are so uninspired I use YouTube videos as a basis for them.

And that’s it, because I’d have to see a therapist if I continued.

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Phew, that was hard work!

Give me feedback, folks. Did you like it? You have no choice, I bared my soul here.

Would you join in the roast yourself challenge?  Who would you like to see do this? Did any of the things I said surprise you? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Fun Post – Roast Yourself Challenge!

  1. Haha, no therapist needed when you’ve got your writing! That was very brave and you are an amazing person! I did the Roast Yourself Challenge too if you want to check it out! 😁❤👍


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