Shallow Reader Post – Thor, Vol.2


Remember when I got super excited after reading the first volume of the new Thor? We never find out the identity of the lady who is Thor now and after a long wait, the second volume came out. It wasn’t as great as I hoped, but not too bad either.

In the second volume of Thor, the central question is who lady Thor actually is, and old Thor (now Odinson) is running helter-skelter trying to solve the mystery of her identity. He doesn’t do a very good job of it, to be honest. Some other things are happening, which I have to strain to remember, but Freyja and Odin are steadily on the path to a divorce as Odin does what crotchety old men do best: act misogynistic and stubborn.
Actually, that might just be Odin.

Read the review here. If you need to jog your memory about the previous volume, see the old post on The Goddess of Thunder.

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