Shallow Reader Post – Nimona


Ahoy, me maties! It be a fine day fer a review! And that’s all that can be said about this web-comic as well! It’s fine? I guess?

I don’t really understand why Nimona is an award-winning, supposedly ground-breaking book, because it doesn’t do anything new?

The plot follows a shape-shifter girl called Nimona, who appoints herself as sidekick to a half-heartedly evil genius, Ballister Blackheart. Together they conspire to bring trouble to the Institution of Law Enforcement and its poster boy, Sir Ambrosius, who also happens to be Blackheart’s arch-nemesis. Only, Nimona wants to stampede everything, Blackheart has a rule about not killing people and Ambrosius is questionable.

A short review about a cute book. Read it here.

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