Book Review – The Prophecy Con

The Prophecy Con (Rogues of the Republic, #2)The Prophecy Con by Patrick Weekes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ASDGFHJKL. I have no words for the absolute delight that is this book.

There is a lot that is good about the Prophecy Con. And – this is going to sound tangential, but bear with me – it reminds of the new Barbie doll line in the way it finally, finally, embraces diversity of all kinds. So I thought I’d review it like the launch of a new doll line. Well, basically I copied the description from the Barbie site and changed a few words, so all credits to them.

Welcome to the Dollhouse, where you can be who you want to be without judgmental side-eye.

With a ton of new looks, the Weekes® Fantasy™ dolls offer real-world diversity and combat options for endless heist-related fun! Each doll has a distinct personality that reflects current trends with a matching power/skill and one accessory (not the kind to murder), like a talking war-hammer or a badly named lock-pick. Each also has a unique look with a variety of hair colors and styles, eye colors, skin tones and face shapes; some of the dolls feature a different gender orientation for added diversity.

Just Like You – If You Were Badass!

Weekes® Fantasy™ dolls each have their own look, personality and style — just like you do! Explore a wide range of stories and an equally wide range of hilarity. Each doll is ultra cool (sometimes in a nerdy fashion) with a unique mix of snark and style, loveability and diverse humour.

Explore Cons with Fabulous Manuevers!

The fantasy elements reflect today’s trends, including elves, dwarves and the occasional forest creature #unicorn. Available for perusal are the mysterious woods housing the fairy folk, the Asian-influenced Imperial regime, the questionable democracy of the Republic, the orderly dwarf cities and the occasional elven cruise liner.

Badass Weapons Complete Play!

Accessories add to the fun. Each doll carries the perfect gadget to inflict blunt force trauma or melt a door! Colors and styles are as varied as the looks and just as trendy. Some of the dolls feature a a magical power instead, or both in case you like them really overpowered. A final quirk completes the characterization, like a preference for whipped cream lattes, or cool nine-ringed swords.

What’s in the book?

Features: Literally acknowledging the presence of anything is a spoiler, so be warned

A trip to a Xiaolin temple type place that ends with heroes plummeting into a river
A complicated heist in a highly secure dwarven museum that goes horribly wrong
A trip to an underground library for a fairy dissertation that goes horribly wrong
A high-speed heist on a train that goes horribly wrong
A high-stakes poker game on a luxury elven ship that doesn’t go quite as wrong
Several unexpected character developments – mostly to do with a certain young man
Strong, loving relationships between existing couples #shipperondeck
A gentle-woman thief who masterminds complex operations and comes out on top when it matters
Her boyfriend who is almost too good to be true
Her right-hand man who isn’t there just for decoration
A love priestess who match-makes incessantly, even for the people she plows down with her talking war hammer #forgetthor
One analytical acrobat who wins the deadpan snarker competition (no mean feat considering the other characters) and is my second favorite character
A unicorn who is ironically, the most aggressive character in every sense, talks in flowery metaphors and is my favorite character
An alchemist safe-cracker and an illusionist wizard who are much funnier together than apart
Aforementioned gentle-woman thief being the subject of the most shocking con in the book
An ending that will make you rip your hair out…until you read the post-script

Find your OTP and play out your fantasies! More variety makes reading Weekes® Fantasy™ more fun. Collect them all (each hilarious separately, but make an explosively addictive cocktail together).

Be Anything with Weekes®!

DISCALIMER: Weekes Inc. is not liable for any side effects including but not limited to, side splitting laughter, nail biting tension, and any Kail-induced insults to other people’s mothers. Gullible virgins and batteries not included with Ululenia dolls.

In all seriousness, there’s a reason why I’m reviewing the second book instead of the first. It’s because I thought Loch and Kail were pretty useless in the first one, and it was more an introductory long con than a series of increasingly awesome heists. TPC has everything the first book had, and some more. Sex positivity, gender and racial diversity, utopia level female equality, good writing, and bucketloads of fun. This is it, people. The gold standard for everything. There’s no contest after this.


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