About Me

Curiouser and curiouser with age.

Curiouser and curiouser with age.

The purpose of this blog is mainly to give my super-duper unbiased opinions on the books I happen to read. You can read them to make your own opinions, to start discussions or simply to get another viewpoint.

My opinions are entirely my own and not influenced in any way by others.

Me: Reader, reviewer, blogger, irritating daughter, older sister.
Likes anything to do with pop culture – anime, Kpop, movies, chocolate.
Dislikes anything to do with maths, tomatoes, laundry and hypocrisy.

I’ll keep my identity a secret, because I moonlight as a super librarian at night, saving unsuspecting readers from awful books. I will tell you  that if you check out my GoodReads profile, you might find out more.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello fellow literary enthusiast! My name is Ryan, and I recently released my first book unto the world. Im looking for honest reviews, and I was hoping that maybe you would want to take the chance on a first time author. I assume you receive requests from lots of authors, so I understand if you don’t have time to read my book. I guess I should tell you a little about it.

    “Rayna” is a story about a girl that came into the world as a virgin birth in Burma. Her mother gave her up for adoption as a baby. Years later, Rayna was adopted by a couple that that in return sold her into a prostitution ring. She lived a horrible life until her escape.

    She meets a monk that helps her learn that life is worth living, and that happiness can still exist. Rayna also has a secret. Without warning or control, time will spontaneously freeze for an unpredictable span. Rayna, and only Rayna, is able to move in this frozen world. She uses it to her advantage, taking revenge on those that once enslaved her, and searching for her real family.

    This is the first book of a series, as I am currently writing the second book. Of course I am in search of sales, but honest feedback would be extremely appreciated.

    If this is something you would be interested in doing, please respond with the email address you would like me to send the electronic copy to. Thank you again so much for taking the time in considering this, and keep on reading!




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