Book Review – The Female of the Species

The Female of the SpeciesThe Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book for the Machalo Challenge – a book that is outside your comfort zone. And it is waayyyy out of my comfort zone. In fact, it shouldn’t be in anyone’s comfort zone. That would just be creepy.
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Shallow Reader Post – Sunstone


Guys, I made a discovery…It’s called digital comics. And here’s a review of one of the first ones I read – Sunstone, a breakout graphic novel that’s essentially a romance between main characters Ally and Lisa.

For some reason, I’ve decided this is the cat gif review.(shrugs)

Sunstone deals with what some people might call uncomfortable topics, but which will surprise no one who is acquainted with:
(a) fanfiction
(b) M/M romances
(c) anime fan-girls

I happen to be one of those people.

See the rest of the review here and hope that I manage to get through this year of uni without being distracted by all the shiny books.

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Random Review – Liar Game

Liar Game: Game I (Liar Game, #1)Liar Game: Game I by Shinobu Kaitani

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note before reading: This is a review of the entire series, which was, as far as I know, completed recently in 201 chapters.

Ahh, Liar Game. This was a Jdrama I just picked up to pass the time and suddenly, it had me and my sister hooked. Eventually I worked up the courage to read the manga and I have to say, it was both brilliant and a bit disappointing.
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Shallow Reader Post – Power Girl


After a really long time, our Goodreads group decided to do a buddy-read. And we picked a really interesting theme this time round…which led to me reading Amanda Conner’s Power Trip comic. It wasn’t too bad, all things considered:

Anyway, this is a fairly fun volume to read. I didn’t realize how big the page count was, so I kept wading through it, more and more confused. Then I glanced down (at my digital copy) and saw it was over 300 pages…

Most of PG’s random encounters with random villains, in the midst of a personal crisis about her identity. It’s more light-hearted after the initial Psycho-Pirate story, and generally I just found them vaguely entertaining, not riveting.

Can we just take a moment here to reflect on the fact that Psycho-Pirate looks and sounds like an antivirus software?

To find out exactly what the BR theme was, read the review here.

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Book Review – The Prophecy Con

The Prophecy Con (Rogues of the Republic, #2)The Prophecy Con by Patrick Weekes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ASDGFHJKL. I have no words for the absolute delight that is this book.

There is a lot that is good about the Prophecy Con. And – this is going to sound tangential, but bear with me – it reminds of the new Barbie doll line in the way it finally, finally, embraces diversity of all kinds. So I thought I’d review it like the launch of a new doll line. Continue reading

Shallow Reader Post – Darkseid War


Hola! I have realized why some people might decide never to start reading comics. They come with a great deal of history, convoluted relationships and endless reboots that aren’t really reboots. Not knowing even one of these details can sometimes kill a book. And because there were things I didn’t know at the time of reading this Justice League volume, it kinda sucked:

But the reality was more like…

Some barely comprehensible backstory (I had to reread it to get the whole exchanging sons thing)
Some randomly distributed murders by Darkseid’s generalissimo(or is it Antimonitor’s, I forget)
Followed by this completely badass Darkseid’s daughter character(Grail?)whose motivations I don’t fully understand
Some more backstory about Grail and a gibberish prophecy, also something about Luthor’s heartless sister, all random
The Flash and Bats in CSI mode(I realize much later that this volume is part of DC Rebirth; until then confused by Flash’s presence)

Read the rest of my babbling here. In the mean time, how much are you dreading school on a scale of one to 10? A 100?

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Shallow Reader Post – Nimona


Ahoy, me maties! It be a fine day fer a review! And that’s all that can be said about this web-comic as well! It’s fine? I guess?

I don’t really understand why Nimona is an award-winning, supposedly ground-breaking book, because it doesn’t do anything new?

The plot follows a shape-shifter girl called Nimona, who appoints herself as sidekick to a half-heartedly evil genius, Ballister Blackheart. Together they conspire to bring trouble to the Institution of Law Enforcement and its poster boy, Sir Ambrosius, who also happens to be Blackheart’s arch-nemesis. Only, Nimona wants to stampede everything, Blackheart has a rule about not killing people and Ambrosius is questionable.

A short review about a cute book. Read it here.

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